Saturday, 1 June 2013

How this got started

In the spirit of Damn You Autocorrect and other such sites, we've decided to start Catch An' Release.  How did this idea start? Hahaha! Well, by personal experience of course.  A person we know (who shall remain anonymous) decided that meeting men the traditional way was taking too much time, not to mention the pickings were slim.  It took some convincing, but she finally decided to try online dating.  While she did meet a few decent men, we were amazed at some of the profiles and conversations some people were putting up. I'm not going to lie, we spent hours browsing and laughing.

 That's when we decided that if she was having such a great time doing this (even if she wasn't actually meeting anyone), others must be having the same experience.  Catch An' Release will be novel made up of her experiences as well as others.  You are all welcomed to submit your conversations or the funny profiles you find.  Keep in mind that when you submit you are giving us permission to use the information on this blog, twitter, facebook, and in the novel when it comes out.  Should your submission be accepted, you will be notified through email. :D

So what was your best/worst/weirdest conversation while online dating? The world wants to  know!

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  1. Who is this mysterious online dater who has sparked such a creative venture?
    Perhaps it is best to keep some tings anonymous!

    Surely there is no lack of crazies in the online world of dating. Coming from a small town probably amplifies this. (or perhaps not, time will tell!)

    My experience so far has taught me a few things about myself and others. It is extremely hard not to judge someone based entirely on physical attributes when you don't spend any time with them. I don't care who you are. This is true across the board.

    Secondly, its easy to judge then ignore and or block someone rather then being honest about your dis-interest. I have more then once found myself talking to someone who, after viewing the picture, completely disinterest me. Then I usually spend a few minutes in conflicted agony trying to decide whether or not to tell the person the truth or not. Needless to say, I usually simply cease to exist to this particular user. Don't judge me. I've often been on the receiving end of this and so I know that you get over it. 'Them's the breaks' of online dating.

    On that note, I'm excited to see what trials and tribulations other users have encountered in their (I'm going to assume) feeble attempts at finding true love online.

    My next post will focus on the rules and guidelines that are slowly and painfully starting to unfold through trial and error and why its important not to stray from them!